Evaluate and Observe Anywhere

From school administrators and teachers to HR professionals and coaches, Rubrix allows you to create rubrics, conduct quick and detailed evaluations, and centrally store data for reporting and analysis. Using a tablet, iOS™, or Android™ smartphone, evaluations can be recorded in the field for automatic and secure synchronization to the web application.

Key Features

Rubrix is a revolutionary evaluation platform. Securely conduct and report on all types of evaluations, online or on the go, anywhere." With synchronized mobile data capture, including pictures, you will be able to perform evaluations and reviews right on-site.

  • Customizable: The flexibility of Rubrix allows you to manage your own evaluation process. How you record, analyze and share evaluations is up to you.
  • Saves Time: Mobile observations, including text and pictures, are sent from your phone or tablet to the online application immediately and automatically. With Rubrix, there will never be need for duplicate data entry or pen and paper.
  • Easy: Rubrix allows you to create and maintain rubrics through an easy to use editor. Share your rubrics with others in your account, or access a variety of rubrics from the Rubrix Library.
  • Secure & Centralized: All Rubrix data is stored on secure servers for management, analysis and archival purposes.

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  • iPhone and iPod touch
  • Google Play

Rubrix is available for iOS™ (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch), and Android™ smartphones. Using the Rubrix mobile app lets you quickly gather observations and perform classroom walkthroughs.