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A World of Rubrics

Build your own evaluation rubrics and mini-assessment rublets. Browse and use rubrics and rublets from our rubric library.

Assessments, Observations, and Walkthroughs

Observe and evaluate people and things using rubrics and rublets. Add and update notes and attachments (including pictures). And dig deeper with analysis and reporting.

The Rubrix Mobile Tools

Perform reviews and assessments on the go with your tablet,  iOS™ and Android™ smartphone.

Support and Documentation

Friendly, speedy support staff. Full online documentation, tutorials, Q&A forums, online help desk, and more.

We've been building evaluation software since 1984 - InteGrade Pro and the first few versions of Chancery's CSL Marks are some of our work. Now we're applying our experience to evaluation using rubrics. Rubrix is a new product based on decades of contemplation.

Chris Howerton Founder, Discovery Software

As soon as I started using Rubrix, I LOVED it already, and wanted to know what the next steps were!

Sandy Thompson PD Instructor, CA