Frequently Asked Questions

What can I use Rubrix for?

You can use Rubrix to evaluate people, places, and things using rubrics.

What is a rubric?

a guide that encapsulates expert knowledge with the intent of making appraisals and evaluations consistent and valid, regardless of who does the scoring.

Can I perform evaluations on my tablet?

Yes, you can use Rubrix using the web browser on any tablet with internet access. Just login to your Rubrix web account.

What if I don’t have an iOSTM or AndroidTM smartphone or a tablet?

You can also use Rubrix using any computer from a web browser.

What if my smartphone loses its internet connection?

The iOSTM and AndroidTM Rubrix clients will continue to work when you’re in a dark spot or out of range. Your assessments and evaluations are stored locally and synchronized at the next available time.

Where is my data stored?

Rubrix works with PCs, Macs, laptops, and tablets, as well as iOSTM and AndroidTM smartphones. On the mobile devices, data is stored locally until it can be synched with the Rubrix server. And for this, we’re using the very latest technology; cloud computing hosted by Amazon. Where, exactly, is the data in AWS stored? We’re not totally sure (hey, it’s in “the cloud”), but we do know that it is safely housed somewhere in Northern Virginia.

Is my data secure?

Your Rubrix data is encrypted using 128-bit AES encryption. But data security is like a chain – it’s only as secure as the weakest link. So please also ensure that your computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc all require a sufficiently strong password to gain access (unshared and not written down!).

What about privacy?

We understand your need for privacy when it comes to evaluations. Rubrix allows you to set access controls so that only the appropriate people can see any given review. In exceptional circumstances as required by law, or when you have asked for us to assist you, Rubrix support staff can access your data.

How much does it cost?

Check out our pricing plans!

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